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Expenditure Made Over £500

Expenditure made over £500

In order to comply with Data Transparency, Hellesdon Parish Council must make available details of any expenditure made over £500. Councillors are made aware of all of the previous months receipts and payments at the monthly Full Council meeting which takes place on the first Tuesday of every month.

For your convenience every payment made over £500 is available below for download.

MonthTransaction Details
October 2020View Transactions
September 2020View Transactions
August 2020View Transactions
July 2020View Transactions
June 2020
View Transactions
May 2020View Transactions
April 2020View Transactions
March 2020View Transactions
February 2020View Transactions
January 2020View Transactions
December 2019View Transactions
November 2019View Transactions
October 2019View Transactions
September 2019View Transactions
August 2019View Transactions
July 2019View Transactions
June 2019View Transactions
May 2019View Transactions
April 2019View Transactions
March 2019View Transactions
February 2019View Transactions
January 2019View Transactions
December 2018
View Transactions
November 2018View Transactions
October 2018View Transactions
September 2018View Transactions
August 2018View Transactions
July 2018
View Transactions
June 2018View Transactions
May 2018View Transactions
April 2018View Transactions
March 2018View Transactions
February 2018View Transactions
January 2018View Transactions
December 2017View Transactions
November 2017View Transactions
October 2017
View Transactions
September 2017View Transactions
August 2017View Transactions
July 2017View Transactions
June 2017View Transactions
May 2017View Transactions
April 2017View Transactions
March 2017View Transactions
February 2017View Transactions
January 2017View Transactions
December 2016View Transactions
November 2016View Transactions
October 2016View Transactions
September 2016View Transactions
August 2016View Transactions
July 2016View Transactions
June 2016View Transactions
May 2016View Transactions
April 2016View Transactions

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