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Report Problems

Whilst we are more than happy to report problems on your behalf, it usually helps if the correct authority is aware of the size and impact of any particular issue.

We have included a list of frequently reported problems below along with some useful contact information for various sectors.

If you need any help with this then please call the office on 01603 301751.

Bin Collection


Council Tax

Report a Crime

Dog Fouling

Neighbourhood Issues


Register to Vote


Norfolk County Highways (Potholes, Drainage and Flooding, damaged signs, obstructions)

Social Isolation

Parking issues

Suffolk Street Lighting

Cromer Road / Holt Road / Reepham Road / Middleton’s Lane / Drayton High Road

Parish News

Special Constables

Norfolk Constabulary are recruiting Special Constables in Norfolk. Interested? Come along to our online information evening on Wednesday 9th February at 7pm to 8.30pm.

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Norfolk County Council (Hellesdon, Birchwood Road, Drayton High Road, Middletons Lane) Proposed Traffic Orders and Notices PRA016 (DPS 71252)

pdf versions available 

71252 PRA016-HP1-0100-013A – Drayton High Road Crossings Consultation Plan
71252 PRA016-HP1-0100-014A – Drayton High Road TRO Waiting Restrictions Consultation Plan (Updated)
Hellesdon 71252 PRA016 1st Notice (order no 1)
Hellesdon 71252 PRA016-HP1-0100-012A – Updated Middletons Lane Zebra Crossing TRO Consultation Plan


Any objections and representations relating to the Orders must be made in writing and must specify the grounds on which they are made.

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