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Below are a list of all adopted Parish Council policies and essential documents.

All policies are reviewed by the Property, Policy and Resources committee and ratified by the Full Council.

Dates of adoption and for upcoming review are included at the end of each document.

For more information please contact the Parish Clerk.

CCTV Link to PDF
Complaints and Compliments PolicyLink to PDF
Customer Service PolicyLink to PDF
Disability Access PolicyLink to PDF
Effectiveness of Internal ControlsLink to PDF
Filming, Recording and Photography at Council Meetings PolicyLink to PDF
Financial RegulationsLink to PDF
Financial Reserves Management PolicyLink to PDF
Financial Risk AssessmentsLink to PDF
Full Council FunctionsLink to PDF
Grant Awarding PolicyLink to PDF
Health and Safety PolicyLink to PDF
Lone Working PolicyLink to PDF
Management of Outdoor Surfaces in Severe Weather Conditions PolicyLink to PDF
Media Relations PolicyLink to PDF
Member's Code of ConductLink to PDF
Planning ProtocolsLink to PDF
Publication SchemeLink to PDF
Recruitment and Selection PolicyLink to PDF
Retention of Documents PolicyLink to PDF
Safeguarding PolicyLink to PDF
Scheme of Delegation to the Clerk and Responsible Financial OfficerLink to PDF
Standing OrdersLink to PDF
Statement of Internal ControlsLink to PDF
Training PolicyLink to PDF
Unreasonably persistent, abusive or vexatious contacts behaviour Policy
Link to PDF
Emergency Scheme of DelegationLink to PDF
Risk assessment for covid-19 reopening of play area Link to PDF
Tree Management PolicyLink to PDF

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