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Recycling In The Parish

The benefits of recycling are enormous and contribute toward the reduction in the size of landfills. One of the biggest reasons why recycling is promoted is because it reduces the strain on our environment.

Some of the key benefits are:

  1. Reduction in pollution.
  2. It is environment-friendly.
  3. Contributes towards the reduction of ‘Global Warming’ as less energy is required to recycle materials.
  4. Helps protect our ecosystems and wildlife.
  5. It is more cost effective than landfill.

What can you put in your recycling bin.

Norfolk County Council provides 20 Recycling Centres (some with reuse shops) across the county for the free disposal of larger items and recycling of household waste originating from residents’ own homes.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions reuse shops are currently closed.

Give Your Recycling A Little Bit Of Love

Give Your Recycling A Little Bit Of Love

Parish News

Notice is hereby given that there is a vacancy on Hellesdon Parish Council.  The vacancy has previously been advertised, and no election has been requested. 

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Please could dog owners be mindful of other park users when out walking their dogs.

Not everyone feels comfortable with an unfamiliar dog jumping up at them or near them.

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